PC250047Offering mapping via high resolution airborne geophysical surveys, EON Geosciences represents the partnership of experienced professionals using a wide assortment of technologically advanced instruments. EON is the proud owner of all its equipment for airborne surveys. This enables us to have complete control and maintenance needed to ensure quality results, delivered at competitive rates.

Based in Montréal, Québec, Canada, EON was incorporated in 2007 by a group of former SIAL Geosciences Inc. professionals. Our team brings together over 150 years of combined experience, pertaining as much to management and finances as to supervision and execution of large-scale geophysical surveys.


EON Geosciences specializes in airborne geophysical surveys for the public and private sectors requiring high quality services with cutting‐edge technology and rigorous quality control procedures, with a constant emphasis on stringent safety measures; all this to provide our clients with high-precision results for exploration and evaluation of Earth’s natural resources.



To be a reliable and dependable world leader in high resolution airborne geophysics with a growing global presence, while remaining a dynamic, flexible, and customer-focused organization.

Our growth strategies are aimed at ensuring greater visibility and upholding our reputation of excellence in Canada and around the world, driven by the uncompromising quality of our services.