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Service Overview

At EON Geosciences, our Very Low Frequency-Electromagnetic (VLF-EM) survey service stands at the forefront of subsurface exploration technology. This non-invasive geophysical technique harnesses very low-frequency electromagnetic fields to map the electrical properties of the subsurface, providing invaluable insights into the geological structures and identifying potential mineral deposits, groundwater resources, and geological hazards.

Leverage the power of VLF-EM surveys with EON Geosciences to unlock the mysteries beneath the earth’s surface. Our commitment to technological excellence, combined with our team’s expertise, ensures that every survey delivers actionable insights and superior value. Contact us today to discuss how our VLF-EM survey services can benefit your project.

A multitude of airborne surveys

EON Geosciences also offers high quality data processing services which go beyond standard data compilation and levelling. We also provide advanced data-enhancement processing services.